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What Parents Say

“Russell is an extraordinary tutor.   


From our first meeting, it was evident that Russell not only had extensive knowledge of the subject matter, but also the ability to break this down so students could understand the science properly.   


Russell is most personable and his love of the subject really enthused my son. He went from two Grade 5s and worrying about passing his Combined Science GCSEs at the beginning of Year 11, to achieving two Grade 9s.   


I wholeheartedly recommend Russell as a science tutor.”     


MC - Preston Park parent (and teacher )

“Millie’s Maths mock result for the end of Year 10 was a 4. We knew this was way short of her true potential. Hence, we sought support in January in the form of Russell.  

After our initial discussion, we knew Russell could assist Millie to raise her predicted grade. It was soon apparent that his teaching technique, alongside his passion and emotional support was exactly what Millie needed.  

Russell kept us up to date with progress and advice throughout. Millie progressed rapidly and with a new self-confidence.  

Towards the beginning of the exams, Russell managed to help keep her calm and focused, giving priceless advice and support. Millie came out with Grade 7 for GCSE Maths which was fantastic. In 5 months, she had moved up 3 grades. Our only regret is the time we wasted making the decision to seek Russell's help.  
Can you really put a cost on your child reaching their true potential?
 Thank you, Russell.”     


Mr and Mrs Galloway, Hollingbury parents  

"My son’s school decided he was only capable of achieving 5s for Triple Science and threatened to put him into a lower group. This shattered his lifelong desire to become a doctor. We decided to consult with Russell and he began teaching him.  

Eighteen months later, my son achieved grade 9 for his Physics GCSE, grade 9 for Chemistry and grade 8 for Biology! He is back on track to achieve his dream. We are both very grateful for the expert tuition and nurturing approach that Russell demonstrated to achieve this."


DS - Brighton parent 

"My daughter is 14 and due to health reasons, has sadly missed a lot of school resulting in her being behind.  After unsuccessfully trying to catch up at school, we decided to go for private tutoring. We saw Dr Lower's advertisement in The Post and decided to give him a call.  He was the most understanding person I have ever spoken to regarding my daughter's education. Never for one minute did I hesitate to send her to him. My daughter has not only managed to understand what he has taught her, but excelled in confidence, too. I will always be grateful."  


P S - Rottingdean parent  

“From day 1, Russell was extremely understanding towards my daughter. She was lacking in confidence in Science. After Russell assessed her ability, he tailored a bespoke curriculum for her which helped develop the knowledge and skills she was missing.   


Russell has always created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with a rigorous and focused teaching session. He is patient, gentle and kind. He gives honest and detailed feedback to parents.    


Over 14 months, my daughter grew in confidence. Her ability in Combined Science soared from grade 6-5 and she achieved 9-9 this summer.  


I would highly recommend Russell as a Science and Maths tutor.”   


FR - Brighton parent  (and Teacher) 

"My daughter failed her Year 11 maths GCSE mock and lost all confidence in the subject.  Dr Lower made a comprehensive diagnosis of the gaps in her knowledge and created a programme specifically for her needs.  He is a warm and approachable tutor so my daughter is comfortable to ask questions and admit when she doesn't understand.  As a result, she has made excellent progress in a couple of months.  I just wish she had started with Dr Lower sooner!"   


W A – Withdean parent  

“When our son started with Russell, his grades were extremely low and his confidence rock bottom.  


With Russell's expert tuition and support, we saw our son grow in confidence, not just in Maths and Science, but in all subjects. His grades increased significantly and his anxiety about the impending GCSE exams decreased.  He was able to manage the exam period extremely well!  


His actual GCSE grades for Foundation Tier Maths (5) and Combined Science (7-6) are fantastic!”    


PA - Hollingdean parent  

"Dr Lower has been an amazing maths support to my daughter in Year 6. She always looks forward to her lessons and comes home buzzing from her new understanding. I am always kept up to date and feel I am involved in her progress and direction.   


Dr Lower's holistic approach to teaching provides his students not only with academic support, but also equips them with skills to cope with many of the other pressures that they face. I can't thank him enough and can highly recommend him to any parent/carer requiring support and confidence for their child."   


HE - Patcham parent  (and Teacher) 

“Dear Dr Lower,  

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent tutoring of our daughter.  


She has said repeatedly that the tutorial with you is her favourite hour in the whole week! We also note a passion for Maths and Science developing and a new found confidence. 


We are very grateful and are recommending you to our friends.”     


BP - Portslade Parent  

"Lacking self-confidence, my son started his GCSE Maths course expecting to continue to struggle. He pushed himself hard in the first term and was moved up a set. Unfortunately, the school then decided that the class was now too big. A Maths test in three weeks’ time would determine which pupils would drop to the lower set. This extinguished my son's sense of achievement and so I felt I had to seek help.  


I contacted Russell and explained my son's story. I could not have asked for a more understanding and sympathetic response. Straightaway, I knew that Russell was not only passionate about his work, but was also very concerned about his students' academic success, and also their general well-being. Immediately, Russell formulated a plan to prepare for the test.   


Within the three weeks, my son's confidence began to grow. After the test was taken, the results were fed back. Two students in the class attained 100%. My son was one of them!   


This fantastic achievement required a great deal of hard work on the part of my son, but it is ultimately attributable to Russell's method of tuition and his belief in and encouragement of his students. To witness our son's pride in his accomplishment and renewed belief in himself was extremely special to us all."   


OP - Withdean parent  

" My daughter moved countries, changed schools and had a new home environment at the start of Year 11. She struggled with Science and did not perform well in Year 10.  


I phoned Russell. From the very first communication I knew I had found an amazing Personal Tutor. The care, time and focus that Russell gave at all times was way beyond my expectations.    


Russell created a structure to her learning that was highly engaging and incredibly beneficial. This relieved so much pressure from her Maths and Science studies that she passed all iGCSEs including B/B in Double Science and a B in Maths. Her fantastic results are a direct reflection of the superb personal tutoring that Russell gave to her. I cannot find enough words to express my thanks and appreciation to Russell."     


BA - Patcham parent  

“Our 13 year old son took his Entrance Exams at Brighton College recently & we found out his results this week. His Maths grade was a B with which he was very pleased, especially for a Scholarship paper. I’m sure you helped his confidence in Maths, so thank you.  (He has been offered an Academic Scholarship overall which he is delighted about!)” 


MC – Brighton parent 

"Despite only starting with Dr Lower recently, I have already seen an improvement in my daughter's confidence and overall application to her studies in Year 11. His tutoring is very much tailored to the individual. Through careful consideration of what she needs, Dr Lower has greatly enhanced her learning and revision techniques. Being very approachable and friendly, it was very easy for my daughter to feel relaxed in his company. I am extremely happy with Dr Lower and look forward to using his services for A-level, too."   


P J - Patcham parent  

“My daughter is doing so well, and enjoying her Science sessions with Dr Lower so much that we decided to book sessions for her younger brother, too.   
Dr Lower is extremely approachable and listens to any issues my children might be having. He then designs each session to meet their needs.”   


PJ - Patcham parent  

To be accepted on her preferred A-level courses, our daughter needed higher grades for Combined Science (Double Award) than the 4-4 she was predicted in October of Year 11. Something needed to change so we asked Russell to work with her.   


She responded to his supportive approach. We quickly noticed her confidence increased - she started to believe in herself.  Her focus, organisation and learning skills also significantly improved. And she did it!  


Our daughter's marks were so much better in the Year 11 Science mocks that the school moved her up to the top set and increased her predicted grades to 6-5. Working with Russell, she continued to go from strength to strength.   


In the actual GCSE exams, our daughter achieved grades of 7-6 and was accepted for her A-level courses! We are all very pleased and relieved.       


FP - Hove parent 

"My son was feeling less able in Physics for the GCSEs, so I approached his Science teacher for some extra tuition and he recommended Dr Lower


Dr Lower has an excellent enthusiastic approach, enabling my son to comprehend and enjoy the subject to such an extent he is considering undertaking it at A level! He developed confidence and focus in all the sciences as a result. I would definitely endorse him as a tutor. He has been a real gift."  


LD – Brighton parent  

“Entering his final year of GCSE, our son was really keen to pursue an A-level pathway in engineering with the ambition to take biomedical engineering at Uni. This meant he had to excel in the sciences particularly in Chemistry and Physics where he currently had a C grade. Our son had a little over 2 months before his GCSE final exams so time to prepare was short. Russell took on the challenge.   


With Russell’s, "Teach them how to fish" approach, our son was encouraged to work hard, showing considerable gains every week. He used to hate doing science homework, but now not only enjoys doing his homework, but also consistently does extra work.  


Under Russell's tutelage, and despite the short time to prepare, our son was able to get AA grades for his actual Combined Science GCSE exams.   


We are grateful and blessed to have found Russell and would highly recommend him.”    


CD - Brighton parent  



"Russell really helped to boost my daughter’s confidence and well-being during Year 11. She went from feeling overloaded, stressed and anxious about her schoolwork to being confident and relaxed. His teaching style is very personable, caring and fun. Russell helped her get things in perspective and see how capable she really is. I'm thrilled that she has achieved her potential and got Grades 9, 9, 9 for her Triple Science GCSEs

I was so happy with how Russell had helped my daughter that my son has already started tuition with him. After only a few sessions, he no longer hates Chemistry! In fact, he is really starting to enjoy it! 

I can’t recommend Russell highly enough. He is worth every penny!" 


MN - Hollingdean parent 

"Jack has done an excellent job. My daughter has got her confidence back after a hard start to A-level Maths in Year 12. With his help, she has gone from struggling to A* at the next progress review."


MK - Patcham parent 

*Jack is an Associate Tutor of Russell Lower Tuition  

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