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“From day 1, Russell was extremely understanding towards my daughter. She was lacking in confidence in Science. After Russell assessed her ability, he tailored a bespoke curriculum for her which helped develop the knowledge and skills she was missing.   


Russell has always created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with a rigorous and focused teaching session. He is patient, gentle and kind. He gives honest and detailed feedback to parents.    


Over 14 months, my daughter grew in confidence. Her ability in Combined Science soared from grade 6-5 and she achieved 9-9 this summer.  


I would highly recommend Russell as a Science and Maths tutor.”   


FR - Brighton parent  (and teacher)



"My son’s school decided he was only capable of achieving 5s for Triple Science and threatened to put him into a lower group. This shattered his lifelong desire to become a doctor. We decided to consult with Russell and he began teaching him.  

Eighteen months later, my son achieved grade 9 for his Physics GCSE, grade 9 for Chemistry and grade 8 for Biology! He is back on track to achieve his dream. We are both very grateful for the expert tuition and nurturing approach that Russell demonstrated to achieve this."

DS - Brighton parent


"Jack has done an excellent job. My daughter has got her confidence back after a hard start to A-level Maths in Year 12. With his help, she has gone from struggling to A* at the next progress review." 


MK - Patcham parent 

*Jack is an Associate Tutor of Russell Lower Tuition  

"Russell really helped to boost my daughter’s confidence and well-being during Year 11. She went from feeling overloaded, stressed and anxious about her schoolwork to being confident and relaxed. His teaching style is very personable, caring and fun. Russell helped her get things in perspective and see how capable she really is. I'm thrilled that she has achieved her potential and got Grades 9, 9, 9 for her Triple Science GCSEs

I was so happy with how Russell had helped my daughter that my son has already started tuition with him. After only a few sessions, he no longer hates Chemistry! In fact, he is really starting to enjoy it! 

I can’t recommend Russell highly enough. He is worth every penny!" 


MN - Hollingdean parent 

Children flourish
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Private Tuition with
Dr Russell Lower 

  • Online or face-to-face

  • Enhanced DBS checked

  • Sessions personalised to your child


  • 20+ years’ experience teaching in schools

  • Outstanding lessons graded by Ofsted

  • Experienced exam board examiner

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1 to 1 Tuition Sessions

  • A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths

  • Maths: KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-level

  • Triple Science GCSE

  • Combined Science GCSE

  • General Science: KS2, KS3

  • Private school Maths entrance exams

  • Private school Verbal Reasoning entrance exams

  • Private school Non-Verbal Reasoning entrance exams  

  • Revision strategies and exam techniques

  • Managing time; reducing stress

  • Proactive strategies to learning

  • Increasing motivation through vision building

  • Mind Mapping

Small Group Sessions (Not available during Lockdown)

Some students prefer and learn more effectively with their peers.

This usually works best after a few 1 to 1 sessions.

  • Children with some personalities prefer it.

  • They feed off each other's enthusiasm and progress.

  • They benefit from the sense of teamwork.

With 20+ years experience of teaching classes of 30 students across the spectrum of abilities, I am able to offer small group tutoring at reduced rates, yet still tailor the sessions to your child, for any of the Sciences (Combined Science or Separate Chemistry, Physics, Biology) to GCSE.

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