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What Students Say

"Before starting tutoring with Russell in Year 10, I was told by my school that I would just pass Triple Science. However, I defied their expectations by the end of Year 10.  The school were shocked by the incredible progress Russell had helped me to make.   


I finished my GCSEs getting a 9 in Physics, a 9 in Chemistry and an 8 in Biology."   


DS - Year 11 Brighton student, August 2020 

“Working with Russell helped me to believe in myself and improve my work in Science and Maths. He taught me how to learn and revise effectively. This benefited all of my subjects. He is very good at explaining concepts, which in turn has helped my understanding.  

Russell really encouraged and motivated me to do well. With his support, I managed to progress from 6-5 to getting top grades (9-9) in Combined Science GCSEs.” 

NE - Year 11 Hollingdean student, August 2020 

“Thank you, Rik* for all your help throughout the whole of last year. It really boosted my confidence and knowledge.   


During the year, I started to understand and enjoy A-level Chemistry - which I had absolutely hated beforehand. The result is that my grades for Chemistry and Biology both improved from E’s to being awarded C’s at A-level.


This means that in a month’s time, I can start at Brighton Uni on the Biomedical Science with Integrated Masters course. I am so happy!  


I really, really, really appreciate all of your help. I will definitely give Russell’s number to my friends who might need extra help.”  


SV - Year 13, A-Level student , August 2020 

*Rik is an Associate Tutor of Russell Lower Tuition  

“Dr Lower helped me through the Triple Science GCSE course from January of Year 10. Whilst I was no slack, I was definitely some way off the grades that I wanted to achieve.   


I am very happy with the progress I made. At GCSE, I achieved grade 9 for Physics and grade 8 for both Biology and Chemistry. I feel ready for A-level Chemistry and will continue to use his services.”  


RL - Year 11 Brighton student, August 2020  

“Russell's plethora of scientific knowledge and calm, relaxed manner led me to actually enjoy science for the first time in 4 years and make exponentially rapid progress. The way he effortlessly explained scientific concepts, that were seemingly impossible to grasp previously, really developed my passion for science and made learning about the subject a joy. His revision methods, materials and general support were invaluable.” 


ML – Year 11 Hove student 


This young man came to me in September of Year 11 on Grade 5-5 for Combined Science. After we worked together, he was awarded Grades 9-9 at GCSE. He then studied Biology & Chemistry at A-level. 

"Dr Lower has been amazing!  He is so patient and determined to help me pass Maths GCSE.  He is kind, caring and doesn't pressure you - it's ok to be wrong.  


He focuses on the end in mind which is extremely encouraging. He gives you a sense of success and achievement when working with him.  He helps you find specific ways to learn, personalised to you, to make your understanding clearer."    


WS - Year 11 Preston Park student  

“If there’s one thing I can say about Rik*, it’s he sure knows his A-level Chemistry! Any question I had, big or small, he would be able to teach me every intricacy without fail. He gave me lots of outside resources which I enjoyed and greatly benefited from.  


When I first asked for help with A-level Chemistry, I was getting E/D grades. Thanks to Rik and his passion for Chemistry, I ended up getting a B. This was the grade I needed to get into uni.   


I can’t recommend Rik highly enough to students struggling in similar positions who need high grades!”   


ST- Patcham A-level student  


*Rik is an Associate Tutor of Russell Lower Tuition 

“Russell is a wonderful teacher. The amount of progress I have made in the few months I had with him is insane, and I feel that I have learnt loads. Russell is so encouraging and I have gained lots of confidence since having tutoring.   


He doesn’t only focus on the actual science, he also talks greatly about how to learn and to revise. This has helped me hugely in all of my subjects.   


I recommend Russell 100%, and my learning has been greatly affected by his tutoring.”   



BA - Year 11 Hove student 

“Having done little Science at primary school, Russell is really helpful for complementing my learning in Year 7 at school.”    


PJ - Year 7 Student   

"I have been visiting Dr Lower for the past 8 months in Year 6. He has given me so much courage in my maths. Before I started with him, I struggled and found maths difficult to understand. Now I am getting better test scores in my maths at school. He makes it easy to understand and in a fun way. 


Dr Lower coached me before my entrance exam to Senior School, and I felt much more confident going into the exam. The good news is that I’ve been accepted into Senior School. I’m so happy!” 


HP – Year 6 East Brighton student 

“I was in Year 11 when I first met Russell. My Combined Science grades were averaging C, C and I didn’t have much ambition for pursuing a career related to the sciences.  


Despite my lack of knowledge and drive, Russell gave me tips and examples on how to tackle tough questions. He provided external resources for me to study at home which really helped me improve.   


It didn't take long for me to warm up to the sciences and I achieved A, A for iGCSE Combined Science. I will now actually be taking Chemistry and Physics at A-level.”   


CM - Year 11 Brighton student  

“Dear Dr Lower, Thank you for helping me to relax and enjoy Science, especially Chemistry. I started out being scared of it, but ended up loving it, and can't wait to carry on with it at BHASVIC. You were always very kind.”   


HJ - Year 11 Rottingdean student  


This young lady had been set Target Grades of Cs for her Triple Science GCSEs. After we worked together, she was awarded A*s in all of them!  

Before I came to Dr Lower, I fully expected to fail my GCSE physics exam. I had received a ‘U’ grade in the Year 11 mock exams. The Head of Science at my school had told me that, as I was on track to get A’s in my other subjects, I should just drop Physics!  


I decided that I wanted to change. So, I started intensive tutorials just a month before the actual GCSE exams started with Dr Lower. It wasn’t all plain sailing. I was ready to give up after two sessions, but Dr Lower’s patience and belief in me helped me to believe that I could do this.  


When I opened my results, none of the other expected A’s or A*’s mattered! I had been awarded a B grade for my Physics GCSE; in fact, I was only two marks off an A! I burst into tears on seeing that grade; and am reliably informed that Dr Lower danced with joy! This is only a snippet of his dedication to his students. There is no other possibility, but success, when you have him as your tutor.” 


AT – Year 11 Lancing student 

What Teachers Say

Dr Lower stands out from the crowd. He has the depth of understanding that comes from having a PhD in Chemistry and is a qualified, experienced teacher and has worked in industry. This rare combination enables his students to reach their full potential as confident, flourishing, highly achieving young people.”  


Jon McArthur - Headmaster, parent and Preston Park resident

“Dr Lower taught me Science at Longhill in my youth and I still remember his lessons fondly today, even after all these years. 

He is a patient man with a clear passion for education and for helping students. This really came across to me as a student. I also remember his sense of humour well (which is almost a prerequisite in this job)! Even after having worked alongside him in my professional career, I will always remember him as, ‘The Legend of Longhill’.” 


James Garrard - Teacher of Mathematics, Patcham High School 

 “Russell has a great sense of humour and rapport with young 

 people. He has a passion to use his expertise to help them achieve their best.”  

David Etherton - Headteacher, parent and Patcham resident

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